The future of online shopping is offline

Bayten is an IRL store, bringing digitally native brands to life. Through an expertly curated lens, Bayten wants people to discover meaningful products in an engaging environment.


Bayten is the next generation of shopping


How Bayten Works

Bayten is the bridge between the online and offline world, allowing brands and audiences to find each other and forge a lasting relationship. 

 For a fixed monthly rate, Bayten offers physical spaces and data-driven insights to online brands inside our premium storefronts.

Bayten spaces are ideal for brands who are seeking direct access to prime markets,  and are ready for their next stage of growth. 

For customers, Bayten is the ideal destination to touch, feel and try products from all those 'Instagram-cute' brands. 

There's an option to buy in the store, but we also encourage customers to engage with the brands directly, online. 


There are 3 Simple Steps to getting into Bayten

(Email is best, but isn't stationery just so charming? Seriously, just email us.

(Email is best, but isn't stationery just so charming? Seriously, just email us.

FIRST, Get in touch

BAYTEN is obsessed with the concept of meaningful consumption, and we want to make sure we are the right partner for you. Tell us about your brand. Click here to go straight to our contact form.

(BTDubs- there is no application fee. Joy!)

(BTDubs- there is no application fee. Joy!)


We will get back to you in about 48 hours. If it's a fit, We will set up time to chat, and come up with a high-level strategy for your brand.  

(We don't really have a stamp.) 

(We don't really have a stamp.) 

NEXT, let's make it official

It's time to get you on the floor. We will work with you to train our staff, come up with a merchandising strategy and help you plan events and leverage our data and analytics.  


What Bayten Costs

Bayten connects brands with their audience.

 The price of merchandise in our store is the same as on the brands' sites, and we do not take the 'middleman margin' of traditional retailers.

Instead, we offer a premium service--  we curate brands and merchandise, manage the space, the staff, host events, and connect high-caliber brands with the people who are excited to engage with them.

We based this on a proven premise: The right offline presence boosts both online and in-store sales. (Say that 3 times fast!)


Flat rate, renewable on a monthly basis

Your monthly rate includes staff, store operations, prime retail space for your merchandise and a destination for your in-store events. You keep the full margin of everything sold in stores. Our packages are flexible, even though we do recommend that you allow at least 60 days in-store to see results.  




customized packages

Each brand has unique needs in terms of space depending on their product.

When we craft your high-level strategy, we can work out what will be the best setup for you and tailor a plan specifically to your needs, budget and goals. 


Is Bayten For Me?

We're committed to brands that are focused on more meaningful consumption - whether it's in the social causes they champion, greater transparency in the supply chain, or simply prioritizing quality over quantity. Get in touch with us so we can evaluate the alignment of our values and aesthetic. (We promise to be kind.)

We believe this purpose is not limited to any one category, and we are excited to be showcasing a selection across fine art, fashion and home to gourmet items and experiences for each member of the family --including pets (=^.^=)

"Tell Me More!" 

If we had one wish, it would be for world peace.

If we had 100 wishes, one of them would be that you want to learn more about how Bayten can work with you.  

We would love if you can fill out this form, or just email and we will keep that promise to get back to you in about 48 hours. 

P.S. If you're really into it, you can read about our other 98 wishes on our blog, coming soon.




Let's get in touch

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